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I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. It is about time someone says it. 

People generally fear anything to do with finances (unless, of course, they have won the lottery). In fact, this may be the number one thing that people AVOID. We can be very good at justifying why we really dont need to concern ourselves with our financial state of being right now. These justifications include: Something is going to happen really soon that will turn things around, My debt isnt that bad, Im still so young; Ill start saving soon, Ill deal with the bills later.


By Superbuck


One of the great things about barter is that it is relationship based.  In the cash world, especially in the current economy, it’s very easy for a transaction to be adversarial.  You want the best possible product/service for the lowest possible price. Additionally, if something doesn’t work out exactly as planned, you somehow feel like you’ve been ripped off.  The relative ease of a cash transaction takes the humanity out of the deal.  

About GB

The main roads are too busy. It’s time to take the side roads. Somewhere is the business jungle, there’s a man that trades enjoys life, goes places and keeps the Cash in his pocket.

Guerrilla Traders understand that In the Cash world, money is hard to earn and easy to spend.  But in the Barter World, money is easy to earn and hard to spend. The Guerrilla Barter trader’s goal is to change that.  Trade Dollars are Easy to earn and Easy to spend.

Guerilla Barter is blazing new trails on how traders can get maximum value for their hard earned, barter dollars.

A Guerilla Trader is different from other Barter traders. A Guerilla Barter Trader "thinks out of the box" --- focuses like a laser beam on how to make his or her wish into a tangible product or service... all while using weapons and Alternative business methods to create a cohesive network that he can use to his advantage!

To fully comprehend what Guerrilla Barter is, We invite you to look over our website and read The Guerilla Barter Manifesto. Please Book mark this site and come back often to view new and exciting changes that can affect your whole Guerilla Barter experience.


Manifest Yourself

10 Differences View

Traditional Barter: What I see is what’s available
Guerrilla Barter: There are lots of barter deals that I don’t see. Sometimes those are
the best

Traditional Barter: Success is measured in the amount of trades
Guerrilla Barter: Success is measured with the quality of the trades

Traditional Barter: Inflate the price because it’s barter
Guerrilla Barter: Maintain fair pricing just like in the cash world


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