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100 Weapons a Guerrilla Barter Trader must use when in the battle field

1. A Specific Goal
2. A Good Broker (Trade Director)
3. Be Extra Nice with the Seller
4. Your Circle of Influence
5. Buzz
6. Network with the Winners
7. Attend Trade Shows

10 Traits a Guerrilla Barterer Needs to Be a Successful Trader!

Being a business owner who deals in Guerrilla Barter, I naturally get questions from prospective Guerrilla Barter traders who want to know what it takes to be a winning trader. Below are ten traits that best sum up what it takes to succeed.

Five Sure-Fire Ways Any Guerilla Barter Trader Can Connect With the Right Network for Stress Free Trading!

In business, it is location, location, location. In the World of Competitive Guerilla Bartering, it's reputation, reputation, reputation.

Successful Guerilla Barter Communication Always Begins & Ends with Three Parties

Many times when two parties enter into a barter agreement expectations are high. Then, when results are low, anger and mistrust prevail between the trading Partners. Invariably, one of them mutters to them selves, "Barter doesn't work!"

Guerrilla Barter for Businesses & How It Can Boost Your Bottom Line!

Why Guerrilla Barter over regular bartering? Simply put, Guerrilla Barter is the new model for the 21st Century. Before we go into more detail, first understand what business bartering is all about and why the barter business is growing by leaps and bounds across the globe.


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