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10 Differences Between Traditional & Guerrilla Barter

Traditional Barter: What I see is what’s available
Guerrilla Barter: There are lots of barter deals that I don’t see. Sometimes those are
the best

Traditional Barter: Success is measured in the amount of trades
Guerrilla Barter: Success is measured with the quality of the trades

Traditional Barter: Inflate the price because it’s barter
Guerrilla Barter: Maintain fair pricing just like in the cash world

Traditional Barter: Technology is confusing
Guerrilla Barter: Use Technology to achieve your goal

Traditional Barter: The only goal is to buy and sell
Guerrilla Barter: The primary goal is to establish productive relationships

Traditional Barter: It’s “me” oriented
Guerrilla Barter: It’s “us” that counts

Traditional Barter: The broker complicates things
Guerrilla Barter: The broker has access to information and simplifies trade

Traditional Barter: Let me charge partial cash to compensate
Guerrilla Barter: Keep it fair and 100% trade

Traditional Barter: Designed for big businesses
Guerrilla Barter: Small and medium size business oriented

Traditional Barter: The trade is good as long as I win
Guerrilla Barter: Let’s make it a win-win-win. 3 winners: The buyer, the seller and
the trade exchange.

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