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By Superbuck


One of the great things about barter is that it is relationship based.  In the cash world, especially in the current economy, it’s very easy for a transaction to be adversarial.  You want the best possible product/service for the lowest possible price. Additionally, if something doesn’t work out exactly as planned, you somehow feel like you’ve been ripped off.  The relative ease of a cash transaction takes the humanity out of the deal.  

I cannot tell you enough about the importance of building a relationships with your trading partners.  Even more than that, I would encourage you to look for the win-win deal instead of only looking for the best possible deal for you.  Now, I’m not saying you should lose, I’m just saying to look at both sides of the deal - not only yours.  Here are a couple examples that I ran into in the last couple weeks.

I called up a local florist last week to arrange roses to be delivered to my wife for her birthday, which coincidentally falls on a major holiday.  (I can say that here because my wife doesn’t read my articles! Lol.) I opened the conversation saying that I knew that she was probably already slammed with cash orders around this time of the year, but asked is she could do a barter deal with me for delivery on the day before my wife’s birthday. Considering her needs led her to be agreeable. She agreed, but explained  she had sold out of all her roses. Wanting to work with her, I suggested that she use whatever she thought would be nice. Being flexible on date and type of flowers, coupled with her willingness to work together- everybody wins.

Last week, I had carpet installed in my home by a great barter member.  The deal included the materials because my trade partner had an over-stocked warehouse and was looking to move his excess carpet.  As the installers were finishing, it appeared they were short on materials. Specifically, there was not enough carpet to do my closets.  Another roll of carpet could be ordered, but it would be a week before installation. Knowing this deal was to move excess inventory, I did not want to order more carpet as that would put undo strain on the seller. In return, they searched for remnants from another jobs and similar carpet to finish my job.  It was  completed the next day. Working together, and thinking about each other’s needs - everybody wins.

It’s my goal to be my barter partner’s favorite customer. Always keep in mind that in the cash world, it is easy to spend your money and it is hard to save it. In the barter world, it is the opposite. It is harder to spend your money and easy to earn it -Unless you’re able to establish relationships. Also, it is about moods. Make sure that when you call your prospective trading partner… you care about them and not only about yourself and also you’re in a good mood. Moods are contagious. At the end of the day, what counts is, to have 3 winners: Buyer, Seller and The Exchange. Until next time…. Supermember!

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