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Successful Guerilla Barter Communication Always Begins & Ends with Three Parties

Many times when two parties enter into a barter agreement expectations are high. Then, when results are low, anger and mistrust prevail between the trading Partners. Invariably, one of them mutters to them selves, "Barter doesn't work!"

Nothing new, right? Miscommunication between business partners has been going on for centuries with cash transactions. Barter is NOT any different. Make no mistake: Guerrilla Barter works efficiently! However, there's one caveat: Guerrilla Barter works best when performed with good and honest intentions from the beginning! One tool that helps lead to satisfied barterers is the use of effective…


The secret of win-win Guerrilla Barter is for buyer/seller to have 100% up-front communication, either through e-mail or phone calls -- as well as with the Guerrilla Barter Broker who connected both of you. Too many times, when deals go wrong, someone has dropped the  communication ball."

This is where your broker comes in and earns their stripes. The wisest way to overcome this dilemma, from the beginning, is to communicate your wants, needs and desires to your broker. Seasoned Guerrilla Barter Traders know the barter broker guides in the right direction to help spend hard earned barter dollars wisely.

Remember: When you are seeking a service or trade --make sure you tell your broker exactly what you want and need. The more information you give them, the easier it will be for them to connect you to the best barter trader.

Do not change your mind down the road and wonder, "Wow, how did that go wrong?" Once communication is made with your trading partner, through your broker, immediately go over the details with your Guerrilla Trading Partner so there is no disagreement.

Most important: When contacting a Guerrilla Barter Member, treat them the same way you treat your cash clients. Be professional and respect their expertise as if you spending cash.

Remember this: The most successful Guerrilla Barterers are the ones who have the most contact with their brokers.

One last thought - A Guerrilla Barter Member lives by this credo: Always get the terms of the agreement in writing. If there are problems down the road, cooler heads will prevail. Then, all Barter Parties are happy with a transaction that gives everyone involved their money's worth!

(Peter Fogel is a Guerrilla Barter Trader and Freelance commercial copywriter who pens direct response letters, landing site and press releases for businesses. His website is He can be reached at

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