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Sure-Fire Ways to Maximize Your Time & Trade Dollars

Sure-Fire Ways to Maximize  Your Time & Trade Dollars

By Peter J. Fogel Guerilla Barter/Copywriter

A common misconception that has been detrimental to many barter organizations is that the brokers do all the work. Yes, that idea is very enticing. If it were true, members, would sit back, relax and wait for the trade deals to come rolling in. Even the best broker can’t do ALL the work.

As a copywriter, I have a website that highlights my skills as a wordsmith and sales writer. It's out there for the world to see -- but I still have to drive traffic to my site. It's a means to an end.  That said, it's pretty much the same when working with your broker. In order to get the best barter trades, you must help your broker get the best deals for you by being proactive.

The most successful traders are those that work closely with their broker!


Get the Biggest Bang for Your Barter Buck

Helping your barter broker enhances the opportunity for increased trade volume and better deals. Effective communication between the member and his barter broker will ultimately lead to a more successful barter experience.


Be sure to keep your broker informed of your needs and wishes. When they are equipped with a list of wants, they are better able to help facilitate great trades for you. No request is a bad request. In the barter world, you cannot get what you do not ask for.

When you have something new to offer, be sure to call your broker first. Communicating with them, and letting them be “in the know” will help get your new product/service immediate visibility. Include all the details and specifics about your offer and your broker will be happy to discuss ways to market it.

Finally, when you are negotiating a deal, or working with another member, keep your broker in the loop. They may be able to offer helpful insight or intervene on your behalf to move a transaction forward. Brokers love to do three-way telephone calls to get deals done!

Keep Your Broker in the Know and the Info Flowing!

The second step is remembering to keep as many lines of communication open. This means BOTH from you to the broker and the broker to you - email or phone works.

We live in a 24/7 world. Information is constantly coming at us from a variety of directions. Check with your broker and make sure that you are getting all the info that is available. Many barter companies send daily emails, post special deals on Facebook, Tweet announcements about new members as well as send newsletters through the mail. Work with your broker to ensure that you are getting ALL the info and special deals that are being put out to the membership.

The broker should have all your contact details: email, cell phone, business phone, or home phone. Providing only a business phone can definitely be a hindrance when trying to close a deal or offer a special product at the last minute. While your broker may wait for your reply, the best deals may not.

There are Two Types of Trades:

The Quick and The Dead

The third and final tip is to be prompt. This is a no-brainer. You'd think this would happen automatically, but it doesn't. Yes, people are busy with their lives and taking care of customers (cash & barter) -- but still, you should be as prompt as possible in responding to your broker or member requests. The early bird DOES get the worm!

It seems unnecessary to point out, but it is in your best interest to return phone calls/emails as soon as possible. If another member contacts you, or your broker calls, calling back quickly increases your chance for better trades. Waiting several days gives the competition time to beat you to it.

To do the deal, or not to deal? Travel to the Caribbean or stay local? Print 1,000 copies or 2,000 copies? If you don’t know, waiting to make decisions may cost you the deal. Of course, gather any details that you need to be informed, but flip-flopping and waiting is a BAD thing in the barter world. A month from now, the wonderful Caribbean vacation may no longer be available. Making quick decisions and communicating promptly with others will put you on the path to great trades!


Working closely with your broker – keeping the communication lines open, being available and receptive to all forms of information and working quickly – will greatly enhance your total barter experience.


Peter J. Fogel is a Guerilla Barter Trader, Author, Corporate Trainer  and veteran sales writer who pens persuasive killer-copy copy in the self-help, alternative health and financial world… as well as other arenas. His clients include Lombardi Publishing, Strategic Profits, and Healthier You to name just a few. He is also the author of the book, "Reboot Your Career: 27 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in the Workplace (If You Still Have a Job) For more info on his services, visit (first) and then e-mail him at

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