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Three Great Ways to Deal With an Indecisive Trader

Three Great Ways to Deal with an Indecisive Trader

By Peter J. Fogel - Copywriter - Barter Trader


To trade, or not to trade… that is the question!

Moody traders are those who delay the closing of the barter deal, due to their indecisiveness. Knowing how to deal with these traders can sometimes help avoid losing out on great barter transactions. It may even be tempting to let go of a deal instead of wasting time with a difficult trader. Or you may want to simply agree to whatever they want in order to finally close the deal – but that’s not a win-win situation.

Never settle for less than a good trade. The key is keeping your cool and rising above the situation. To come out on the winning end, be patient and do not act rashly. Here are some tips that may help you prevail.

1: Define Your Terms

What are the terms? Who, What, Where, When, How, How much. You may banter back and forth working out the details, but it is very important that the terms are clear and understood by both parties. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from your trade director when finalizing the agreement of any deal. Traders may be disappointed and frustrated if expectations are not met. A clearly defined agreement will be your first step to a successful barter transaction.

2: Get it In Writing

Make it a practice to get everything in writing. The temperament or fickleness of a buyer or seller can affect the deal in many ways. Getting the details in writing helps to solidify and move them forward. Plus, it serves as a record should there be any questions down the road.

In fact, I highly recommend signed contracts once the deal is totally agreed upon. These contracts should delineate all expectations for both buyer and seller. Remember that the IRS considers trade dollars equivalent to USD – you should handle your deals and contracts accordingly – just like in the cash world.


3: Keep a Record

It is in your best interest to keep records related to your trades, especially when dealing with temperamental, moody or indecisive traders. Your records will serve as your back up, and will help keep you organized, focused, and on track. Many busy business owners can easily get bogged down by too much work and managing trade on top of their daily activities. Maintaining detailed records will help you succeed in the barter world.

Start by managing your email communication. Keeping email sorted and organized comes in handy when you need to refer to things that may have been offered by a seller or you offered a prospect. I know that I deal with a lot of people, and it is hard to remember particulars of every trade. Referring to old emails is an excellent tool in order to recall information that may not be readily available.

Save the contract! Get copies of the signed legal agreement and put them in a file. Should there be a dispute, a contract is your single best tool to help you out. If there are work order changes, that should be done in writing as well, and kept on file. Also, always keep your broker informed.

Keeping receipts is also important. You may have to spend cash on things related to the trade. Shipping fees, parts, and equipment among other things may all factor into your deal. Having the proper documentation on hand is important and may help you when justifying expenses.


There are all types of people out there: analytical, amiable, expressive, drivers and moody ones! There are all types of barter buyer/sellers as well. When dealing with one who is indecisive and changes their mind frequently, these tips will help you. Barter is a fantastic way to save cash, increase sales and enhance your personal lifestyle, but it must be done right. Happy Trading!



Peter J. Fogel is a Guerilla Barter Trader, Author, Corporate Trainer and veteran sales writer who pens persuasive killer-copy copy in the self-help, alternative health and financial world… as well as other arenas. Clients include Lombardi Publishing, Strategic Profits, and Healthier You (to name just a few.) He is also the author of the book, "Reboot Your Career: 27 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in the Workplace (If You Still Have a Job) For more info on his services, visit (first) and then e-mail him at


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