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TIME to Barter



I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. It is about time someone says it. 

An important cost of barter that many traders (experienced or not) forget to factor in, is the time that one spends on it.  In the Barter World, it takes time to put a deal together. If you’re in a hurry, it may be best to pay cold hard cash. Save your warm trade dollars for when you have time to put the right barter deal together. If you are like me, you’ve usually got 10 deals going simultaneously, so all that extra time really ads up.  Some of the things that I spend time on include:

  • Staying on top of what is available in my Trade account
  • Calling on folks in my barter network to put together deals
  • Posting ads and following up on responses
  • Working to recruit new members into my barter exchange
  • Calling buyers back
  • Logging in to the Superbiz Website to see new offers
  • Looking for good ways for my barter partners to spend credit they have with me
  • Checking the Superbiz App for members that are nearby
  • Extra bookkeeping to keep the records straight
  • Ongoing help/training I give to everyone I ever talk to about barter
  • Calling the Superbiz office to find out about the newest members

When recruiting a prospective barter partner, it’s always a good idea to point out that barter is not as simple as cash transactions.  Barter transactions require time, patience, fairness, flexibility, and of course TIME! They need to know that they will need to invest some time into barter in order to reap the rewards. All of that being said, it truly is a labor of love for me.  LOL! I’m a big barter fan and it’s rare for me to regret the time I spend on it. I always remember the Guerrilla Barter Manifesto

“In the cash world, money is hard to earn and easy to spend.  In the Barter world, money is easy to earn and hard to spend.”  Our goal should be to change that!

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