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When it Comes to Barter -- Bigger is Not Always Better

When it Comes to Barter -- Bigger is Not Always Better

By Peter Fogel, Guerilla Barter Member and Copywriter

Barter is one of the oldest and most basic forms of commerce known to man. It has been around long before malls, markets or even money itself. The fact that the trading has endured through time says a lot about its ability to meet people’s needs.

While barter has been practiced for many centuries, the idea remains essentially the same - It's a transaction where goods or services are exchanged without using money. The only difference now is that the market spans the globe.

Writers and commentators have described today’s world as borderless. With the advent of the Internet and huge advances in transportation, markets span continents and buyers need not cross the seas. Globalization enhances the opportunity for successful barter transactions. There are now many more opportunities to get what you want… at the price you want.

Before the Internet, finding someone who had what you want, and was willing to accept what you offered was challenging. There were loads of phone calls, and correspondence back and forth. Barter communities were smaller, networks not as defined and transactions more challenging to complete.

The reach of the Internet allows bartering to flourish by incorporating an infinitely wide market of offers and choices, not to mentions billions of eager participants. Now, a trader in Rome can easily barter with someone from Paraguay. The challenge is merely matching needs. This is where the barter brokers come in.

The Right Broker Helps Narrow

Down the Choices for His Member!

Barter brokers are agents who help you get the best value for your goods and services. They organize the incredibly big world of traders and help you find exactly what you need. As Guerrilla Barter traders, communication with your broker and members of your exchange is crucial for your success.

Effective Bartering is beneficial for both BUYERS and SELLERS. This may be why some companies strive to expand. They perceive bigger is better. However, this is a misconception. Individuals with specific needs are better served by attentive brokers providing personal service.

On the flip side, some traders think that smaller companies means less efficient service. What it does mean is specialized attention from dedicated brokers who work tirelessly for their members. Boutique exchanges are a great place to belong if you want access to trade and high quality service.

These smaller companies have access to the same worldwide barter networks as any other company. They can easily access trade markets to help traders fulfill their needs and wishes.

Great brokers know that when it's all said and done, effective barter is not a numbers game. It is about relationships – where the buyer and seller are happy so all parties win.



Peter J. Fogel is a Guerilla Barter Trader, Author, Corporate Trainer  and veteran sales writer who pens persuasive killer-copy copy in the self-help, alternative health and financial world… as well as other arenas. His clients include Lombardi Publishing, Strategic Profits, and Healthier You to name just a few. He is also the author of the book, "Reboot Your Career: 27 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in the Workplace (If You Still Have a Job) For more info on his services, visit (first) and then e-mail him at




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